Missionary Appropriations

Methodists are a missionary people. Soon after the Missouri Conference helped “plant” the first churches in the Kansas Territory, the Kansas Conference set mission goals to continue “sowing” seed money to establish more congregations. The document below from the 1891 Kansas Conference Journal reports those early efforts:


Atchison District
Horton $100
Powhattan 100
Junction City District
Bushong 40
Enterprise 40
Haddam 80
Hollenberg 50
Hope 40
Morganville and Idana 50
Skiddy 60
Wakefield 50
Washington Circuit 50
Leavenworth District
Armourdale 100
London Heights 100
McLouth 100
Michigan Avenue 75
North Lawrence 25
Wood Street 100
Manhattan District District
Manhattan Circuit 50
Randolph 50
Oketo 50
Leonardville 50
Blue Rapids 50
Onaga 25
Olesburg 25
Topeka District District
Pomona 120
Tecumseh 60
Maple Hill 40
Carbondale 40
Scranton 40

I concur in the foregoing missions and appropriations. S. M. Merrill

Washington, March 9, 1891 In 1891, congregations of 29 churches gave to Mission Funds, a total of $1,760.

The 2005 Conference World Service (Mission Funds) budget goal is $778,767. Our congregation’s “fair share” budget for World Service Fund is $17,500.


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