The Baldwin Ledger, 14 Aug 1914


Work on Interior Improvements of the M. E. Church Almost Done.


With the exception of the panel work and the new pulpit furniture, the work of refinishing and furnishing the interior of the Methodist church is now complete.


The decoration alone was no small task. It required 5,000 feet of lumber for scaffolding. There were 2,000 square yards painted, first with a coat of sizing, then two coats of color. The sidewall then received one coat of Tiffany blend and the entire walls one coat of gum Arabic starch.


There were 15 yards of stencil paper used in making the stencils and the walls now hold 3,050 pounds more weight then they had before in mineral color, white lead and oil. There were used in the stencil work 142 yards of 4-inch two color stencil, 269 yards of 6-inch four color stencil, 57 yards of 6-inch four color stencil with two outside lines, 23 yards of 4-inch stencil in circles, 77 yards of base stencil 15 inches high in four colors and one key ornament above the organ.


It must be remembered that these stencils have never been used before anywhere and will be destroyed and never used again. There is no church west of Chicago that is today finished in oil with the Tiffany blend. All the stencilwork was filled in and shaded by hand.


The radiators and iron posts were given the hammered copper effect. The color scheme blends beautifully with the colors in the art windows and the ivory ceiling adds much to the lighting effect than obtained heretofore.


Mr. Spielberger, under the management of Mr. Guy Young, has given the church most excellent service in completing the contract as well as making a liberal contribution himself to the subscription.


It is hoped to have the panels set within a few days.

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