The Baldwin Ledger, 9 Oct. 1914


[NOTE: The church archives do not contain photographs from the interior of the brick church, with the exception of one photo showing the organ and a few pews in front of the organ. If you have interior photos, please provide a copy to the church historian or the church office. The following article from 1914 describes some aspects of the interior.]


An attractive church is an incentive to a spiritual attitude.


Beautiful environments always affect one more or less and the inspiration the dear little church gives the writer in its classic location near the University grounds is one she would like to impart to all.


At the opening of a new college year, faculty and students alike are interested or should be in the new interior improvements and decorations.


To the appreciative mind the effect is a delight, and the soft ivory tone of the ceiling and the marble effects of the mural or wall decorations strike the eye at once as harmonizing in color with the stained glass effects.


It was a beautiful thought of the donor when prompted to present the fine golden oak pulpit. The architect has carried out his thoughts harmoniously in the Gothic panels back of the pulpit, corresponding with both those in the pulpit and the beautiful organ. The new altar chairs and pews will correspond in the golden oak and the Gothic panels will also be used in decoration. When everything is complete there will be a pleasing harmony.


The architect who designed the new woodwork also planned the whole color scheme and unless understood one fails to realize with what thought and care.


The walls are all hand work, in the Tiffany finish and required great skill. The blending of the color tones reminds one of fine old marble walls. The supports under the galleries are in the bronze effects and they also in certain lights are extremely attractive.


There may be those who will fail to see all of this beauty, but to one who has ever been charmed with it in architecture, sculpture, music and painting, there is beauty for that one sometimes when others see it not.


We are all fortunate in our church life in Baldwin and if our eyes are open to see it we will detect the beauty in many ways.


Our form of worship is the same as in our large city churches. The interior of our church is as attractive in many ways as some of them. If there are imperfections they are too slight for emphasis.


No one can but appreciate the thought of the pastor whose interest has been intense in the beautifying of the temple. Also the interest with which others have planned and worked is greatly appreciated.


We are positive with our pleasant surroundings, the choice words from the pulpit and the beautiful music, we shall all feel like worshiping the Lord is the beauty of holiness.

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