The Baldwin Ledger, 6 Jan. 1911


An Appeal to the People


This appeal to the People of Baldwin and vicinity is for the unanimous co-operation in the forthcoming campaign for a great awakening in religion. The appeal is for all of the people for ten miles around. A great awakening is the greatest public need.


"Human hopes and human creeds

Have their root in human needs."


The pressing need of an aroused public interest in pure religion exceeds all other needs. The need demands the bravest deed, and demands it now.

The regular work of our Churches and the University Christian Associations has been highly effective. The good work done makes everybody glad. The regular work has been efficient but not sufficient. Much more needs to be done. A lot of folks need to be converted at once. If some are not converted soon they never will be. Scores of people ought to awake at once to their great obligations both to Almighty God and to their fellow man.

Moral obligations are much more than the easy practice of common honesty and the small neighborhood charity. Pure religion is something that makes for moral character. It makes for moral efficiency. It makes for moral beauty. Pure religion is the greatest asset any community can have. It is the best wealth any man or woman can possess. It makes manhood worth while. The approaching campaign is for an awakening of pure genuine religion that will make better and more efficient folks.


Do good, even though you do not get good.


To accomplish this needful result, the People are urged to co-operate. Such an appeal does not come often. The People can well afford to make even large sacrifices of time and strength to serve so large a public and personal good. For once they are urged to make the response unanimous and enthusiastic. Business men are asked to close their places at 7:15 p.m. Let all parties, and all other social functions be suspended during the campaign. The campaign opens Sunday January 8, at the Methodist Episcopal Church. Meetings every night at 7:30, except Saturday. Afternoon meetings at 3:00.


L. M. Scroggs  O. G. Markham 
R. B. Kester N. B. Evans 
L. H. Murlin E. K. Barnes


Persons driving to the Meetings will have livery stalls provided for their horses, gratis, and also before going home they will be furnished with hot coffee free without expense.

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