The Baldwin Ledger, 29 Nov. 1912


Last Sunday morning the services at the Methodist church was five minutes past correct time in starting. There seemed to be some confusion on the part of the officers of the Sunday School and of the church as to what actually was correct time. The incident was the occasion for the remark by the pastor that in Baldwin City we have many kinds of time. Yes we have school time, college time, Yauslin time, railroad time, postoffice time, church time, Sunday School time, a good time, and behind time; many people being afflicted with the latter.


In the minds of many people the only way in which this situation can be remedied is by having in the postoffice a regulator set hourly by the Western Union Telegraph Co. The charge made by the Telegraph Co. for this service is $25 per year for each clock. Before it will be possible for us to have this service, however, it will be necessary for the city to have a wire from the depot.


The college has already agreed to install two of these clocks in the college buildings if the wire will be installed by the city. The city already has a line of poles to the depot on which the wire could be hung. It hardly seems that the city council could do better that to invest a little money in wire and give the town and college the advantage of standard time.

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