The Baldwin Republican, 7 June 1901


It has been understood and advertised that President McKinley would lay the corner stone for the new $20,000 Methodist Episcopal church which is building at Baldwin, to owning the serious illness of Mrs. McKinley, the president had to curtail his trip and hurry home where his wife could have the benefits of familiar surroundings, medical attention and perfect quiet, therefore it was necessary to have his place filled for the occasion, which was fittingly done on Tuesday, June 4th by Bishop H. W. Warren, of Denver, Colorado who according to the ritual of the M. E. Church laid the stone in correct form, and with an eloquent and impressive address told how this magnificent structure, which will be built, should be a home and a mark for coming generations that there is an All Wise Being who controls the beautiful and magnificent of Natures' doings. His sermon, while short was good, (we have no word in our vocabulary which so well describes his words as, good).


The building when completed will be a magnificent structure, and while it will be expensive for a city the size of Baldwin, in after years it will be pointed to with pride as a home for the religious, and for all others so inclined as well as for those who believe in Methodism, and it was brought about through the push and energy of our present pastor, Rev. Murphy.


The structure will be large, it will be complete, it will be magnificent, much more so than the needs of the city itself requires, but we have a college here, known at a Methodist institution which annually brings to our city from 600 to 700 Students who requires a suitable place in which to worship that "All Wise Being according to their own creed, and because of this Baldwin needs a large building which will accommodate then properly.


Following the discourse, prayer songs, and a collection, a bible, M. E. hymn book, discipline, catalogue of Baker University, program of B. B. commencement, Christian Advocate, Central Christian Advocate, Epworth Herald, Baldwin Republican, Baldwin Ledger, Baker Orange, list of officers, list of subscribers to building fund and names of members of the M. E. church were ensconced in a tin box and placed in a cavity carved out of the corner stone, there to remain until the edifice shall have lost it's usefulness and then to be brought fourth as art preservatory.


Quite a large audience was present from the city and from a distance to witness the ceremonies of the laying of the corner stone of one of the finest religious structures in Kansas.


May this building be the home of all those who seek the true salvation of souls, not exclusively the religious home of the aristocracy, but of the common people as well. May it be a home where the sinner and poor can seek the God of whom we are told is all wise and merciful, and of whom it is written, that said "he that is without sin let him cast the first stone," and that they may not feel embarrassed, or as thought they were intruding on another caste.

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