["The brick building"]

The Baldwin Ledger, 9 Nov. 1906


[Dedication Poem for Brick Church]


Now we have got the Church, the debt must be paid by us,
There must be no backing down for God is whom we trust,
Will surely help us if we ask, as in times thats passed
And on that scroll our names enroll, long as time shall last.


The Good name of Baldwin, will be honored in the land,
So let each citizen be proud, and on his honor stand,
Pay off this debt of thousands, open wide the door,
Making no distinction between the rich or poor.


So join our ranks; join right in we are one tonight,

Lets fill our obligations, let us do it right,
And the citizens of Baldwin, their honor must uphold,
Although it does take thousands of silver and of gold.


All put your shoulders to the wheel
And we'll surely make it go, that, that's the way we feel,
If you are a member of our church, or a looker on,
Your dollars will be doing good, long after you are gone.


Let every one do what is right, whether rich or poor,
All help us pull this big debt down, mop if off the floor.
Let's have a Church that's clear of debt
No dodging, and this you will never regret.


When strangers come as they do by score,
Give them the best seats, let's have an open door.
Make all feel at home, with brotherly love
For all our blessings, must come from above.


Let's join in praise for the debt it is raised,

Yes, give the glad hand, give God the praise,
And pledge to each other as Christian and brother
In the up building and helping each other.


Making Baldwin headquarters for all that is good
Shunning the evil and let it be understood,
We now have church privileges as good as the best,
And we all stand by Baker, the school of the west.


W. W. Amos, Feb. 14, 1904

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