[M. E. Church of Baldwin City]


The Baldwin Ledger, Friday Oct. 18, 1907


Only Once in a Life Time Does This Event Come to You.

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Whether in the life of a man, or in the history of an institution the opportunity comes but once to stand at the summit of a half century's achievement and view the record which the passing years have written. This opportunity has now come to the Methodist church of Baldwin, and the quarterly conference, mindful of the importance of the event, some months ago took steps toward the proper celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the church. A committee was appointed to work with the pastor in arranging a program. This committee consisted of Professor O. G. Markham, W. M. Clark, W. C. Markham, and Professor H. K. Ebright. The date selected for the celebration is October 28, 1907. The first event will be a social on Wednesday evening, under the management of the ladies of the church. On Thursday evening there will be a lecture by Dr. W. A. Quayle. On Friday the Epworth League will entertain the Young Folks who are sixty-five years of age, or over. All those who are sixty-five, or who have a husband, or wife of that age, are invited to be at the church at 10:30 a.m. Those who are not able to walk, or who have not their own conveyance, are requested to give their names to Professor Ebright, and carriages will be sent for them. At 11 o'clock Dr. Bernard Kelly, presiding elder, will preach a sermon appropriate to the occasion. Lunch will then be served to the guests. This will be followed by an old fashioned love feast. Carriages will be in waiting during the afternoon to take the guests to their homes. In the evening of Friday there will be a men's banquet to which the men of the community are invited regardless of their church affiliation. Several speakers will respond to toasts. Saturday night a special program will be rendered by the children. This will be under the auspices of the Sunday school and Junior League. Sunday will be Former Pastors and Presiding Elder's day. The morning service will be gin at 10:30, a half hour earlier than usual. Dr. I. B. Pulliam, of Chanute, for three years pastor of the church, will preach the sermon. The other services of the day will be at 2:30 and 7:30 p.m. Former pastors and presiding elders will participate in all the exercises of the day. Mr. Hugh Smith, the evangelist who worked so efficiently with the church last year, will preach Sunday evening, and meetings of a revival character with Mr. Smith as preacher will continue throughout the week.


A unique feature of the celebration will be the historical exhibit in one of the rooms of the church. Any one having articles of historical interest are requested to communicate with Professor Markham. Anything loaned for the purpose will be carefully guarded and returned.


This is an event in which the whole community is interested, and all should do what they can to make it a success. – J. F. Jenness.

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