The Baldwin Ledger, 13 Dec. 1907


A Brotherhood is Formed at the M. E. Church by Town Men – Just What is Needed.


For some weeks there has been serious discussion among the men of Baldwin concerning an organization that would bring the men of the town and surrounding country into a closer bond under the best moral surroundings.


At the men's banquet held at the Fiftieth Anniversary of the M. E. Church, the men had such a good time that they decided to form some such organization.


It is not for us to discuss at this time the needs and benefits of such an organization except to say that the M. E. church feels that its $30,000 building should be used to the best advantage for the social and spiritual benefit of the people of the town. They therefore more than welcome this organization to the use of its building.


Last Monday evening an organization was effected by the election of the following officers: President, F. M. Hartley; Vice President, Dr. Liston; Secretary, Chas. E. Beeks; Treasurer, C. J. Fischer. Any man or boy is welcome to membership. The annual dues are only $1.00 a year payable quarterly if desired.


Messrs. T. B. Trotter, Chas. E. Stephens, C. W. Mitchner, Ralph Gilman and W. A. McClure have been appointed as the membership committee and they desire to increase the membership as far as possible by next Monday evening. All men of the town and community are cordially invited to the meeting next Monday evening. It is planned to have a social gathering at a very early date.

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