NOTE: Became known as the "Beeks Organ" in the brick church.


The Baldwin Ledger, 1 July 1910


Mrs. G. G. Goodwin Presents to M. E. Church Handsome Instrument in Memory of Her Parents.

Dedicate November 1.

Ever since the Methodist church was erected, the church authorities have been planning to complete the plant by the installation of a fine pipe organ. To this end a committee was appointed to draw up plans and specifications of which the late Prof. Hair was chairman. Much time was devoted to it and the church finally decided to raise money to build an organ and purchase a new parsonage. As payments were made, the parsonage was paid for but before anything was done on the organ, the college gymnasium was destroyed by fire and Baldwin people were called upon to give liberally for a new gymnasium.


A few weeks since, at a meeting of the official it was decided to again start the work of erecting a big pipe organ in the church. This matter was published in The Ledger and the item was read by Mrs. G. G. Goodwin of Clyde Kansas, who is well-known as Nan Beeks by all Baldwin people. In a few days she wrote saying that she had for years been wanting to do something for Baldwin and Baker University in memory of her father and mother. Her parents days long passed, were some of the mainstays of the church and college when it meant more to be loyal and self-sacrificing for these things than we know now.


Just before Commencement, Mrs. Goodwin visited Baldwin and went over the matte with the committee and now to the delight of all she announces that she will place the organ in the church in memory of her father and mother. She has decided to erect a Kilgen organ; manufactured in St. Louis, Mo., a very high grade organ which will cost approximately $4,000.00 The manufacturer expects to have it erected about November 1. Mrs. Goodwin will also furnish talent for the service of dedication. There will also be about a week's series of concerts in connection with the dedication. The organ has two manuals, 30 stops and 999 pipes.




Now that the church has received such a handsome gift in an organ the probabilities are that the people will immediately take steps to complete the church basements and make other necessary changes. Two thirds of the ground floor has never been completed. There is plenty of room for church parlors, Sunday school rooms, toilet and everything needed to make a completely equipped building. There seems to be little doubt but what the membership will now rally to this idea in order that when the organ is installed, the entire church property will be completed.


- - - - - - - -




The splendid gift of Mrs. Goodwin of the handsome pipe organ for the Methodist church has added zest and eagerness on the part of the membership to complete the building.


To this end the Official Board instructed a committee to bring in a report next Monday evening on the cost of completing the basement so that every space can be used, including sewer connections, to redecorate the walls in keeping with the decoration of the organ and to re-carpet the church and paint all exterior woodwork and the metal roof.

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