The Baldwin Ledger, 13 Jan. 1911


Two Weeks of Special Services are Being Held at the Methodist Episcopal Church

The Business Men Co-Operate

The special meetings, for which such a forceful appeal was made through out the past week, are now in progress. The services are in the nature of Union meetings, under the direction of Dr. R. B. Kester, and Rev. L. M. Scroggs. The first of the series of meetings was held last Sunday, and since then there have been two meetings daily — one at 3 p.m. under the leadership Scroggs, and another at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday night Rev. Scroggs preached a very excellent sermon on "Baldness". The attendance thus far has been very good, but is not nearly as large as is warranted by the magnitude of the work, and the interest and earnestness of the leaders and workers. If you have not woke up to your responsibility, do so at once. Get In line.


The business men of the town have shown a most commendable spirit in their consent to closing their places of business each night at 7:30, so that they and all others may get the most from the services. It is certainly fitting that during two weeks, the right-of-way should be given over, as far as possible, to the special meetings.

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