The Baldwin Ledger, 9 Dec. 1910


Pipe Organ is Here and the Erection is Progressing Nicely – Grand Concerts Dec. 14-15


The Beeks Memorial pipe organ, the handsome gift of Mrs. G. G. Goodwin, arrived in Baldwin last Saturday and four loads of it were deposited in the church on the same day. Amid boxes and pipes the Sunday services were conducted. Monday seven more wagon loads were placed in the church and the expert organ builders began work on that day toward the erection of the organ.


With every assurance that the organ will be ready for installation Dec. 14-16, a series of two concerts have been arranged for with Edwin Vaile McIntire of St. Louis. He will be assisted on Wednesday night by Master Frank Haley, of Kansas City, a boy singer of unusual talent. On this evening all children 15 years and younger will be admitted free — tickets to be secured at the Book store — and the children will be expected to sit with their parents or adult friend.


On Thursday evening Mr. McIntire will be assisted by Prof. and Mrs. Grosch who already have delighted Baldwin audiences with their splendid musical ability. There is a charge of 50 cents for these two concerts. This is because there is there is no fund to cover expenses of the talent secured for these concerts and other attendant expenses incident to the dedication.


The Organ is encased in a beautiful oak case to match the wood work of the church. It is 18 ft., 9 inches wide, 9 ft. deep and 20 ft. 10 ½ inches high. It has two manuels and contains 30 stops, 1115 pipes and has a two pedal movement. A full and complete description with picture of the organ will appear on the folder program that may be secured at the concerts.

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