(later known as the "Beeks organ" in Baldwin's First U.M.C. brick building)


The Baldwin Ledger, 29 April 1910


Official Board of the M.E. Church Takes Action. To Let Contract Soon

The Official Board of the M. E. church in special session last Monday night decided to proceed at once to install a pipe organ in the church.


A committee was appointed and a goodly sum was voted so that the best grade of organ may be secured. It was the feeling of the entire Board that the church could not afford to place an organ that would not meet the wants of the community for years to come.


It will not be an organ with a lot of false pipes but will be of such capacity and power as well as variety of pipes as will enable an organist to reproduce the best and greatest selections of the masters. It will not only fill wants for the ordinary church service but will also have sufficient variety of pipes to give the most brilliant of concert music.


With the ability both instrumental and vocal that is always manifest in this community, there is no reason why we should not have free concerts at stated intervals that will be educational and uplifting to all our citizenship. There is nothing that adds greater culture to a town than the proper appreciation of good pipe organ music, and there is nothing that adds to the reverence that should properly attend a church service as the pathetic, heart-reaching strains from the king of musical instruments — the pipe organ.


Several years ago it was decided to secure a pipe organ and subscriptions were taken with that end in view. Then the college gymnasium burned and the people declared an emergency and came loyally to the aid of the college, subscribing over $12,000 for a new gymnasium and the church subscriptions were not pushed.


Under the efficient leadership of Dr. Kester and the enlarged vision of our people it has been seen that the original plans for an organ were inadequate. A few weeks since Mr. Nicholson renewed his generous offer of $500 towards an organ and the Ladies Aid Society of the church now offers $500 toward the same proposition. With these subscriptions the church officials feel that the entire general public will rally to the support of the organ fund and gladly take their part in giving Baldwin this necessary educational and cultural adjunct.

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