The Baldwin Ledger, 20 Oct. 1905


The Trustees of the M. E. church at their last meeting authorized me as one of the board to announce through the local papers that they were unanimously in favor of the establishment of a "municipal electric light plant" and that they believed that the small increase in the tax levy would be the appreciation in property values on account of it.


We have been to the expense of putting in a splendid outfit of electric appliances which are liable to become worthless if the municipal plant fails to materialize, from the fact that the college franchise makes no provision for operating outside of the campus. Moreover, the college plant is inadequate for the service required to perform the work of one of a sixteen horse power when in full blast, and they do not contemplate an enlargement of the plant.


We think that no liberal minded citizen of Baldwin would forego the luxury of tramping electric lighted streets after he has once enjoyed it, for three times the amount of additional tax it might cost.


Let every lover of progress be at the polls and help push forward the good work.


I. Stickel, President, Board of Trustees

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