The Baldwin Ledger, 6 Apr. 1906


Church Shows Good Record for the Past Year — Membership is Large


The record of the M. E. church here has been something remarkable for the past few years and especially during the past year. Not only has the church increased her membership to a large number, but the plans for the next few years only give us a faint idea as to her possibilities. This is being done under the leadership of her pastor, the Rev. I. B. Pulliam. The following is the report for the past year. Membership, received by certificate 110, from probation 24, total of 134, on probation 120, dismissed by letter 49, deceased 8, withdrawn 2; total 59; net increase 75; total membership 950; increase members and probationers 125; baptisms 16.


Deceased: Robert Beatty, Geo. M. Cooper, Elizabeth Gates, Milton E. Huff, Sewell K. Kidder, Mary J. Marvel, D. C. Swayze, Sarah R. VanKunkel.


Ministerial support, $1,965; benevolences $812; missionary societies $429; other collections $128; total benevolences $1,394.


Paid on indebtedness, $1,961; repairs on parsonage, $90; improvements on church $183.80; interest paid $366; incidental expenses $595.45; present indebtedness $2,600; total trustees budget $3,197; grand total $6,256

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