The Baldwin Ledger, 30 March 1906


[The Methodist Congregation Last Sunday Secured Over $5,000 in Subscriptions]




As announced in the Ledger last week, the members of the Methodist church took up the matter of raising funds for the purchase of the Lake property for a parsonage at $4,000 and $2,500 for a pipe organ and the balance in the church debt which taking out the value of the old parsonage made the entire amount to be raised — $6,000.


Every family in the church had been notified of this meeting, and when the services opened the congregation was not as large as usual. But the weather was very bad and there were other reasons that detained some of the people.


After a splendid sermon by Dr. Kelly the money raising began. The first subscription was made by Capt. Ives — $240. His wife afterwards gave $50 and at the evening service the Captain found $25 more making their total $315. It was then attempted to raise twelve $100 subscriptions. It was slow work but it was finally secured, with one extra. Then the $50 and $25 came more rapidly. The telephone paid for itself that day, for those who were not there were called upon by phone and a number of subscriptions were announced in this manner.


At the evening service a short time was taken up in securing subscriptions. As in the morning, the five and ten dollar subscriptions came in promptly and when $500 more had been secured, it was announced that George and Ralph Nicholson would give the last $500 of the $6,000 proposition. This gave further impetus to the subscriptions and it wasn't long until every family represented had given something. Monday the trustees continued soliciting and to date the amount raised is $5,200 including the Nicholson $500, or in other words, there must be $800 raised to secure the Nicholson $500.


This is a great victory for those who believe in the immediate good future of Baldwin and her privileges — those who do not want to wait for future generations to give the people of Baldwin what they need in a perfectly equipped church. It is believed that those who have not already subscribed will be glad to do their part in this splendid undertaking.

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