The Baldwin Ledger, 31 Jan. 1902


The special revival services at the Methodist church closed last Sunday. In many ways it has been the most successful meeting in years.


The work of Rev. E. J. Baskerville has been more than satisfactory. We have never had such a fine series of addressed and the general spiritual uplift the community has received through his assistance can never be measured in this world. It has been a great delight to have him with us and his marked success in this line of work is especially gratifying to Baldwin and Baker people for we can claim him as one of our own, since he is a graduate of Bake. Many people have asked for his return for next year.


There have been 77 people who have signed cards signifying their desire and determination to lead a Christian life. All these were at one time or another found at the altar for prayers. Next Sunday an opportunity will be given for these to join the church. It would pay for us to stop awhile in the business whirl and give spiritual attention to such work as has been so successfully carried on here during the past few weeks.

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