The Baldwin Ledger, 17 Aug. 1900, page 5, col. 4-6

The Building in Our City the Most Extensive for Years. It is Necessary to Bring Labor to Complete the Work. Everything on the Upgrade


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Baldwin doesn't believe in booms. They sometimes burst. But a steady growth and improvement has been out constant aim. Every year finds some new residences but this year has shown the greatest advancement for nearly twenty years. Baldwin is a city to live in. There is no town in the state that can boast of so much natural beauty. We have the parks, the shade, the flowers, the mineral springs. All we need is a through line to Kansas City to make this a great summer resort as well as a suburban residence city. Since the beginning of the year, the buildings that are already planned for and under construction will amount to close to $40,000.


G. B. Lansing has two one story brick and stone business houses in this list. Albert Wright has one two story brick and stone business house. The Odd Fellows are erecting a two story brick and stone business house and Dr. W. F. Osborn is doing likewise. These business houses have been very much needed. They are all modern in their equipment and will be a great improvement for the transaction of the business of the town.


Mr. Lowe is building two residences on north Ninth street, both of good size and well made. F. C, Hatch has so remodeled the old "Reed" property on south Eighth street that it is virtually a new house and when completed will be one of the largest in the city.


J. W. Spurgeon is erecting a large iron clad building 50x30 to be used as a shop for turning out finished carpenter work. He will use a gasoline engine for power and will have the best if machinery.


Another enterprise of moment to our city, is the erection of a local telephone line. Work is now in progress. It will take an expenditure of several thousand dollars to complete the lines. There are 66 phones already taken and others are talking of it. This will be a great convenience for our city.


A few weeks since we gave a detailed account of the new gymnasium. When completed it will be the largest building in the city. The dimensions are 80x110 and virtually three stories high. It is a beautiful stone structure and would be a credit to any large city. It is probably the largest college gymnasium in the West. A gentleman living out of the city, but who takes the Ledger, was here a few days since. He remarked when looking at the new gymnasium, "I read your description of the building but had no idea of its great magnitude. I believe it will aid you much in securing students." When completed the gymnasium is to have a swimming pool, baths, running track and everything necessary to develop the best physical manhood and womanhood. We hope in a short time to give our readers a picture of this handsome building.


Another enterprise that has been agitating the minds of the people of Baldwin and especially the members of the Methodist church, has been the erection of a new church building. The present church structure has been inadequate for the necessities of the congregation for some years although when erected it was a large building and a great credit to the community. The members of the church have therefore been compelled to use the college chapel for their Sunday services and this has not been satisfactory for many reasons. Ever since Dr. Murphy has been here he has felt the burden of this work and now the enterprise has so far advanced as to make the building assured.


It is felt that such an edifice must be erected as will meet the necessities of the case for some years to come, and so the church officials have decided to erect a $15,000 building. They have adopted the plans of a Methodist church built this year at Robinson, Ill., and through the courtesy of the newspaper man of that city we are enabled to give a picture of the new Methodist church in Baldwin. There will be some minor changes in the building but it will be virtually the same as the picture given in this article. It will surely be a building well worth the pride of every citizen of the town and surrounding country, and everybody should help in its erection for there is doubtless not a single town in the country of this size that can boast of such a beautiful and commodious edifice.


The dimensions of the church are 95x75. The main audience room will seat 500. This is the same seating capacity as the floor of the college chapel. With the Sunday School room and class rooms that can be thrown into the main audience room, at least 1,000 people can be seated. There will be a fine choir loft and alcove for a big pipe organ. There will be a basement under the entire building which will probably be made into Sunday School rooms. The church will be of brick with stone trimmings.


Baldwin is surely to be congratulated upon the showing she has made during the past few months. And there is more to follow. During the coming college year, Pres. Murlin expects to lay the corner stone of the new library building. Within a very short time Baldwin people will have the opportunity to say whether they want a through railroad to Kansas City and the West or not, everything is on the upgrade. We have no room for knockers.


The Baldwin Ledger, 14 Sept. 1900


J. W. Spurgeon says he has been working steadily at his trade for a dozen years and has never been a day without employment and had thought that he deserved a vacation, but his work is in such a shape that he finds it impossible to get away. During this time has never had less than one and as many as thirty five men under his employ. This speaks well for Baldwin and vicinity.


(NOTE: Spurgeon was the builder of the brick church.)

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