THE CHURCH ENTERPRISE [building of the M. E. "brick church"]
The Baldwin Ledger, 28 Mar. 1902Photo of brick Baldwin First Church that burned


The time has about arrived for the continuation of the work on the new church. This is an item of public interest to Baldwin and means much socially and commercially as well as religiously. The contract exclusive of windows, seating, heating and lighting is $14,973. To date, the church has received $5,394.28 for which the Martin and Sullivan lots have been purchased, the church basement and foundation put in and almost all the necessary lumber is on the ground.


In this connection it may be considered fortunate that Dr. Murphy has returned for another year. It would take a new man months to get acquainted with the enterprise. Now the work can procede without a moment's delay. Dr. Murphy did not ask to return — in fact, expected to move. But the church is to be congratulated that he is here for another year.


At the closing session of the South Kansas conference Dr. Murphy brought up the matter of the conference putting in a window in our new church. He asked them to give $250 for the large window on the west side. In twenty minutes he had raised $307. This shows the loyalty of the conference and the rustling qualities of our pastor. It is to be hoped that work will procede at once and that every citizen in town and vicinity do their utmost to help the enterprise along.

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