Pastoral Leadership
A. L. Downey  1856
Nathaniel Taylor 1857
William Butt 1859
Mark Robertson 1860

In 1860, there were 164 members, 133 probationers, 17 baptisms, and 85 in Sunday school. Through the early years of the church several pastors served dual roles as pastor of the church and as president of Baker University.

I.F. Collins 1861
W.R. Davis 1862 Also president of Baker University.
T. H. Mudge  1862 (died July 1862)
C.H. Lovejoy 1863
T. J. Farrell 1864
William Butt 1865
George. S. Dearborn 1866 President of Baker Board of Trustees from 1883 - 1894
A. Wiley Jones  1866-70 Local preacher, Baldwin City/Prairie City
Samuel E. McBurney 1867
J. Lawrence 1868
J. B. Orwig 1869
J. A. Simpson 1870 Also president of Baker University
J. E. Bryan  1870-71
D. A. Perrin  1872-73 In 1873-74 there was no regular preacher. Instead, Rev. J. Boynton and Prof. S. S. Weatherly supplied.
R. A. Caruthers 1875
Joseph Denison 1876 Also president of Baker University
Henry W. Reed 1877
F. G. McHenry 1878
A. G. Murray  1879-80
A. H. Walter 1882
W. R. Davis  1883-85
E. C. Boaz  1886-88
C. W. Gullett  1889-90
J. A. Motter  1890-93 Later, Supt. of Bethany Hospital
C. R. Rice  1894-95 Rev. Rice was the father of Dr. Merton S. Rice and Dr. Edwin T. Rice, both of whom later became pastors.
R. P. Hammons  1896-97
Dr. Samuel S. Murphy  1898-1904 Baker Trustee for 38 years
I. B. Pulliam  1905-07
J. F. Jenness  1908-09
Dr. Reece B. Kester  1910-14 Pastors' list through 1916 from "The Social History of Baldwin City" by Frank Allis 1917
Dr. S. S. Klyne  1915-18
Dr. Henry W. Hargett  1918-20 Pastor during the "Centenary" anniversary of the Missionary Society of the Methodist Church, Baldwin lead the conference in giving.
Dr. O.E. Allison  1920-25
Dr. John Maclean  1925-27
Calvin E. Holman  1927-31
Wiley A Keve  1931-34
James Chubb  1934-42
Clyde Brewster  1942-48
Clare Hayes  1948-54
Duff D. Wagoner  1954-57
Mark A Rouch  1957-1965
James J. Nabors  1965-1966
Raymond S. Grant  1966-1971
C. Dale Gardner  1971-1975
Patrick Freeman  1975-1982
Kirby C. Hayes  1982-1994 Longest serving pastor in the church's history
David C. Watson  1994-1998
Nanette E. Roberts  1998-2003 First woman to serve as pastor
Pamela W. Morrison  2003-2008
Connie Wilson  2008-


From the church membership, the following are among those who have been "called by God" into pastoral ministry:
  • Douglas L. Brown
  • Robert M Ford
  • Kirby C. Hayes
  • Neal Malicky
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