Minutes - October 2012

Baldwin First United Methodist Church

Church Council Minutes

October 22, 2012



Staff:  Pastor Paul Babcock, Shelly Todd

Council Members: Council Chair Bill Clement, Donna Curran, Mike Curran, Carolyn

Groves. Christina Lawrenz, Darren Lawernz, David Reed, Kathleen Thomas

Advisory Member: Katherine Cook


Bill opened the meeting at 7:05 p.m. with a reference to the stewardship theme and a scripture from John 6: 1-14.


Mike moved to approve the council minutes from September 24, 2012 as recorded by Michelle Swain.  Carolyn seconded the motion; the motion carried.


Mike shared that we are $9592.95 in arrears.


The expense report compared to the budget through September revealed that we are $9,600 over budget.  Further reckoning shows that we are approximately $18,000 short on anticipated income at this time.


The ABC fund has over $5,000 remaining.  The council clarified that the original intent was to pay for the copier from the ABC fund.  The council directed Mike to refund the general fund for payments made for the copier and finance the remainder of the copier payments from the ABC fund.   This action could refund from $1500-$1700 to the general fund.


The $9,500 deficit does not include income of $5,100 on September 30th that brings us to a shortfall of $4,400.  With the refund from the ABC fund, the shortfall is reduced to approximately $3,000.


Currently the church holds Verizon stock in the amount of $7,995.82.  Christina moved that we cash in the Verizon stock and move the funds to a money market certificate as recommended by the finance committee.  Darren suggested that the council consider options as to the best placement of the funds.  Martha will be directed to pursue various possibilities.  The motion was tabled.


Regarding the parsonage fund, the conference standing rule reads that we must hold 2% in the budget.  The insurance company’s replacement value of $250,000 requires that $5,000 be held in the Parsonage Maintenance Fund to be used for maintenance and repairs.  The council agreed to maintain this amount.


Budget requests are due to Mike by November 12, 2012.




Darren shared that the trustees discussed the playground, but have made no decisions.  They believe that the playground should be renovated, and would like to bring ideas forward in the early spring.


The trustees met with representatives from the youth who would like to paint over the mural in the youth room.  The request was approved with the stipulation that the mural be photographed and maintained in the historical archives, that the mural artist be remembered, and that the color palate be approved by the trustees.


An examination of the roof showed it to be made of a high quality ceramic tile.  The exterior tile on the east elevation of the church has taken on water leading many of the tiles to need replacement.   There are additional tiles available.    From the ground, it was revealed that several of the tiles on the ridge gap over the sanctuary are loose and must be replaced.  Ice damage has also occurred at the front door.  Luc Vandebeurie has presented an option for repair that maintains the integrity of the appearance while ensuring safety.  The trustees voted to make the repairs.  They received a bid from Mr. Vandebeurie and authorized repairs not to exceed $16,000.


The trustees also hope to replace the sanctuary carpet in the front and aisles with an addendum for the chapel (not to include the altar area).  They are looking at carpet samples.


Tobiason Studio has done an appraisal for stained glass windows for insurance purposes.  The trustees will present that information as part of their annual review.


The trustees will be scheduling a parsonage tour with SPPRC to identify maintenance issues.



The committee met and developed their budget numbers.  They feel that they are in good shape for 2013 with job descriptions complete.


Staff appreciation day was deemed a success.


The committee asked for and received a video series on how to care for the pastor and staff.


The committee voted to continue to support Nancy Brown through the remainder of her studies in seminary.  She will be graduating in May of 2013.


Staff Reports

Shelly shared that she and Beth O’Neil attended the Kid Min Conference in Chicago.  She thanked the council for the opportunity to learn and worship.


Bible Sunday is November 18th.  13 children will be receiving bibles.  Children will also be incorporated into the worship service on that date.


December 16th is the children’s Christmas program.  This year’s program is “Bethlehem Live.”


July 7-12, 2013 is scheduled for VBS.  The theme is “Kingdom Rock.”


There is still a need for an additional Sunday School teacher for 2nd and 3rd grade.


Christina shared that 26 youth and 5 adults traveled to Joplin to render service.  Others remained in Baldwin to do a fund-raiser of marking booths for Maple Leaf.


Pastor Paul

Church Conference is scheduled for November 6th.  Pastor Paul has asked for reports from all committees.  The nominating committee continues to work; most positions are filled.


During worship, beginning this Sunday, there will be a different format; service will  begin with the prelude, announcements, and offerings by the worship band.


United Methodist Women

The annual turkey dinner will be November 3rd.


The 2nd Sunday in November will bring a bonfire and weenie roast.



The next council meeting will be November 26th.


Bill closed the meeting with a prayer at 8:25 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Katherine Cook



News Flash

Last Sunday of the Month


One worship service only

10:45 a.m. Blended Worship

Traditional Service at 8:30

We have added a traditional worship service at 8:30 on Sunday mornings. Our 10:45 service is still a contemporary/blended service. Come and join us for worship!

Food Pantry
A reminder that there is an increasing need for donations to the Food Pantry.  We are serving 100-plus persons each week.

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PO Box 25
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