Minutes - July 2012

Baldwin First United Methodist Church

Church Council Minutes

July 23, 2012




Staff:  Pastor Paul Babcock, Bill DeMoss

Council Members: Council Chair Bill Clement, Carolyn Groves, Martha Harris, Christina

Lawrenz, David Reed

Advisory Members: Katherine Cook, Bill Neuenswander, Michelle Swain

Guests:  Tom Kleist


Bill opened the meeting at 7:05 p.m. with a devotional from Psalm 8 inspired by a friend and classmate, reminding us of how privileged we are to be able to participate in the majesty of God’s creation.


Martha moved that the minutes of the June 25th meeting be approved, and Carolyn seconded the motion.  The motion carried.



Bill DeMoss reported that as a whole, committees are doing a great job of remaining within their budgets.  Bill Clement commented that we appear to be showing an improvement in income versus expenses over the past several months.


Martha indicated that there is $31,000 in the parsonage fund.  Some monies must be retained for future contingencies, but we had previously determined to revisit the mortgage situation after a year, and this appears to be a good time to consider locking in at a fixed rate.


Bill  referenced the discussion regarding use of monies from restricted accounts.  He proposed tabling further discussion until next month.




David explained that there is a problem with the console of the chimes.  Adam is in contact with a company who may be able to make repairs.


Dexter has notified the trustees that he will be taking some vacation time in August. The trustees plan to cover for him during that time.




Christina indicated there is little to report at this time.  Policy and procedures are finished.  They will be confirming a date for a staff recognition day.


Christina shared her response to the youth mission trip.  The youth were hosted by the Mariner Bethel United Methodist Church which did a wonderful job of planning and preparing the way for a successful mission.


Feedback from the finance committee indicated that the Fall will be an appropriate time to officially hire the assistant youth director.


Pastor Paul


Pastor Paul thanked Tom Kleist for preaching on July 22nd.  He also reported that the wedding of his daughter was a beautiful occasion.


The next meeting of the council is scheduled for August 27th.


Bill brought the meeting to a close at 7:45 p.m. with a prayer.


Respectfully submitted,


Katherine Cook



News Flash

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10:45 a.m. Blended Worship

Traditional Service at 8:30

We have added a traditional worship service at 8:30 on Sunday mornings. Our 10:45 service is still a contemporary/blended service. Come and join us for worship!

Food Pantry
A reminder that there is an increasing need for donations to the Food Pantry.  We are serving 100-plus persons each week.

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