Minutes-Feb, 2012


Baldwin First United Methodist Church

Church Council Minutes

February 27, 2012



Staff:   Pastor Paul Babcock, Eva Durand, Shelly Todd

Council Members:  Council Chair Bill Clement, Donna Curran, Mike Curran, Carolyn

Groves, Martha Harris, Adam Hazelwood, Christina Lawrenz, Clay Thomas,

Kathleen Thomas,

Advisory Members:  Katherine Cook, Connie Neuenswander, Wanda Samuels, Michelle

Swain, Becky Thomas

Guests:  Sue Ann Kleist, Tom Kleist,




Bill called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m. with a devotion from Mark 2:18-22 and a prayer.


Adam moved to accept the minutes of the previous meeting.  Christina seconded the motion; the motion carried.


Bill directed the council to the long-range plans and the priorities for 2012. 


Connie Neuenswander addressed the priorities of the Membership/Welcome Team in their endeavors to encourage new membership and reinforce continued membership and attendance.


Becky Thomas shared the priorities of the Communication/Technology Team.  The team is transitioning membership, but will continue to focus on maintenance and improvement of the website, encouraging use by the congregation, and adding video segments featuring members of the congregation.


Mike Curran shared concerns for the Finance Team in 2012.  The focus of the team will be to distribute current financial updates, educate the congregation on the importance of meeting the church’s obligation on apportionments, and conducting an annual audit of the financial records of the previous year.  The first concern of the committee is to hire a bookkeeper.


Adam represented the Trustees who are determining which project will be the focus of the next major improvement to the church facility.  They are gathering bids for the renovation and expansion of the downstairs restrooms and youth room, installation of a new HVAC system for the entire church, and installation of fire safety equipment, including sprinklers and alarms.  When the figures are gathered, the team will make a recommendation.



Bill explained the goal of the Spiritual Growth Team for 2012 which includes combining the priorities for Spiritual Growth with those of the proposed Adult Education and Ministries Council and beginning implementation of those priorities.



Bill discussed the plans for Relationship/Intentional Fellowship. The three priorities are to (1) Include “Create fellowship through participation in small groups” as part of the Spiritual Growth/Adult Education and Ministries Council evaluation; (2) include “Initiate special activities through continued work of the fellowship committee and special activities targeted for special groups” as part of the activities of the Fellowship Team; and (3) Continue Sunday fellowship through periodic Sunday morning special focus discussions.


Carolyn moved and Martha seconded to accept the reports of the committees and teams concerning their priorities for 2012.  The motion carried.




Martha shared the financial income and expense report.  Receipts for January were $3,331 less than expenses.


Christina moved and Kathleen seconded the motion to pay off the ABC window fund with the balance to come from the Vivian Courtney Memorial Fund.  The motion carried.  Christina expressed gratitude for the opportunity to use money from the memorial fund to pay off the balance of the note.


Adam indicated that the Trustees have been working to clean up a few loose ends as well as gathering details for the three projects under consideration.


Christina shared that Pastor Parish will begin advertising in The Vine and on the website to see if there is interest within the membership for the two new positions of bookkeeper and assistant youth director whose task will be to work primarily with junior high students.


Pastor Paul is conducting a confirmation class on Sunday afternoons.  April 29th is scheduled for a confirmation ceremony.  Pastor Paul is also offering a Lenten Bible study on Thursday afternoons and evenings. 


Eva expressed her gratitude that the Beach Party Cookout raised $1824 for the upcoming youth missions trip.  She offered thanks to those who shared their talents and finances.  15 youth attended the Dare to Share weekend event in Lincoln, Nebraska where they learned to share the gospel.  Silver Dollar City weekend is coming up next month. 


Shelly remarked that she is starting to see new families and new young people and to see them continuing to attend services.  Christy and Hank Darnell have expressed interest in helping to create a playground. 


Donna offered a reminder that Easter morning, April 8th, will be the Easter Egg Hunt and Pot Luck Easter Breakfast.


Bill closed the meeting with a prayer at 8:04.


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