October minutes

Baldwin First United Methodist Church

Church Council Minutes

October 24, 2011


Staff: Pastor Paul Babcock, Eva Durand, Shelly Todd

Council Members: Council Chair Bill Clement, Olivia Beins, David Cook, Donna

Curran, Mike Curran, Carolyn Groves, Martha Harris, Adam Hazelwood, Christina Lawrenz, Darren Lawrenz, Clay Thomas, Kathleen Thomas

Advisory Members: Katherine Cook, Debbie Oakleaf, Barb Pressgrove, Michelle Swain

Guests: Sue Ann Kleist, Tom Kleist, Stan Vickers


Bill called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. with a devotional, “Daniel’s Gloves,” followed by a prayer.


Language concerning finances needs to be clarified in September’s minutes. Martha will verify facts before any action is taken.


The protocol statement for interaction of church members during Church Council  meetings will be instituted as a work in progress.





Barb Pressgrove presented a 2-page report. The only action to be taken at the local conference is the presentation of the list of names identified as “Second Reading.” She clarified that these are names of members we cannot locate. Total membership is 445.



Martha and Mike shared that to date (Jan. thru Sept) the church is $1284.45 in the hole compared to budget for the first 9 months. We are $2924.68 short in giving ($6276.86 short in giving for the month of September) and $1640.24 under budget for expenses from Jan to Sept. We did not receive much offering for the last 2 Sundays in September. Our expenses are beginning to come back in line with the budget. This will be a tremendous help as we approach the end of the year.

Discussion still needs to occur on several financial issues. Pastor’s salary will be determined for Charge Conference, but probably not the rest of the budget. There are questions regarding the possible purchase of a parsonage; figures will have to be revised. The committee anticipates a more detailed report in November.



Darren submitted a request from Loretta Gallagher for the use of Fellowship Hall for the GFWC Art Contest. After discussion regarding liability insurance, Donna moved that GFWC hold the festival in February pending proof of insurance. Kathleen seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Trustees will continue to work on the procedure for establishing fees. They will work on this in an attempt to bring guidelines back to Council by the first of the year.


The question of responsibility for management of the use of the church by outside groups was raised. Trustees are attempting to develop their own website for scheduling. They will develop guidelines to share with Council.



Chris asked for input from those who would like to have activities included in the Vital Congregations Planning Guide. This could be a summary of what has been accomplished and what is planned.

Job descriptions are finished. The committee will turn their attention to policies and procedures in the coming year.



Eva reported on Maple Leaf activities that included chalking booths and parade security. Fun Night will be held at the Neuenswanders’. The Christmas party will here at the church.

Shelley thanked Council for sending her along with Becky Thomas to the conference in Chicago. Workshops were informative and inspiring, and worship re-ignited her passion for children’s ministry. She reported that Bible sponsors are needed for the presentation on November 3rd. The children’s Christmas program entitled “Operation Baby King” is scheduled for December 11.

Pastor Paul shared a reminder of the coming Church Conference here on November 17 at 7:00 p.m. He is looking forward to all things coming up.



Adam reported that the tool shed is finished, and the key is in Dianna’s office. The men’s group delivered 7,000 pounds of potatoes. Included were Ottawa Hope House, Edgerton Pantry, Paola Homeless Shelter, Baldwin Senior Citizen Center, our Food Pantry, plus several other area food pantries.

Donna listed several events: Pumpkin carving and pot luck dinner, annual turkey dinner on November 5, and hanging of the greens after church on November 20.

Stan is looking for a snow blower. He has a $900 quote from John Deere, and $150 donated toward the purchase.

There was discussion in response to last month’s request by Cora Martin to use Fellowship Hall. There was a consensus to table discussion pending the guidelines from trustees.


Next meeting will be November 28.


Bill closed the meeting with a prayer.


Respectfully submitted,

Katherine Cook


News Flash

Last Sunday of the Month


One worship service only

10:45 a.m. Blended Worship

Traditional Service at 8:30

We have added a traditional worship service at 8:30 on Sunday mornings. Our 10:45 service is still a contemporary/blended service. Come and join us for worship!

Food Pantry
A reminder that there is an increasing need for donations to the Food Pantry.  We are serving 100-plus persons each week.

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