Council Minutes-August 22,2011



August 22, 2011


Council Members:  Council Chair Bill Clement, Olivia Beins, Donna Curran,  

            Mike Curran, Carolyn Groves, Darren Lawrenz, Kathleen Thomas, Martha Harris

Staff:  Pastor Paul Babcock

Advisory Members:  Michelle Swain, Becky Thomas

Guests:  Judy Anderson, Loren Anderson, Sue Ann Kleist, Tom Kleist, Stan Vickers


Bill opened the meeting at 7:03 PM with a welcome to Olivia Beins, new youth representative, followed by a devotional from the book being used by the UMM.  TEN QUESTIONS TO DIAGNOSE YOUR SPIRITUAL HEALTH presents thought-provoking questions designed to help insure that the church is making a difference in the world.  Bill shared these questions.


Kathleen moved and Carolyn seconded that the July 25 minutes be accepted as written.  Motion carried.


Bill shared the procedure for comments from the congregation during the comment time as well as the remainder of the meeting.  The Council welcomes sharing of information and comments from guests.  In order to take full advantage of information available but also be efficient in meeting time, the following suggestions will be used:

-          There will be an Agenda item at the first of each meeting for time for comments from   

 church members concerning items that are not on that evening’s Agenda.

-          Whenever an item requires a vote, the Council needs to hear from members for input

 rather than debate. 

-          After appropriate discussion, it is the responsibility of Council members to vote.

-          Advisory members are invited to participate in all discussion; Council members vote.

-          If a Council member feels the necessity, a call for a vote can be made.

It was consensus that these guidelines will be used in future meetings.

Council minutes are on the website, and agenda and minutes are posted on the bulletin board.


Stan Vickers requested the use of the church’s front lawn during Saturday of Maple Leaf Festival for use as a fundraiser for the Youth Mission Trip.  Eva will bring more information next month.


It was suggested that use of the lawn be routed through the calendar/Dianna, and that church groups have preference during Maple Leaf.


Becky Thomas reported for the Tech Committee.  They are still working to increase their knowledge base but feel they are progressing!  Dennis Long will work with them next week to update the slide show. Dan Neuenswander is working on the photo gallery, Council minutes, and the Vine; Debbie Oakleaf is tending the newswheel; Richard Wellman is working on a section supplying historical tidbits; and Becky is maintaining the calendar.  People are getting more information to her to be included so the committee is encouraged.  The feedback they are getting is good.  Becky will ask Dennis about the possibility of adding a feature to register the number of hits to the site.  It was also suggested that responsibilities such as liturgist and children’s moments be added to the calendar.  Becky will investigate.


Michelle Swain presented information about the activities of the Wedding Coordinator.  She shared the guidelines she sends to the couple, the amount of the payments that are required, and discussed the specific activities the Wedding Coordinator covers during the rehearsal and ceremony.


Martha Harris and Mike Curran presented a financial update.  Income at the end of July is $183,162; expenses as of July 31 are $184,314.  The next report will show a $10,000 payment on the ABC/Windows loan.  Mike reported that July giving was $3800 over what was actually needed to run the church, so finances are looking better!  We are on schedule to pay the apportionments that were budgeted for this year.  As for budget planning, the Finance Committee has begun their discussion; SPPRC is discussing their recommendations; and the Stewardship chairs will come to the September Council meeting.


On behalf of the Finance Committee, Mike moved that half the Parsonage Fund money be place in a Money Market account.  Martha seconded the motion.  After discussion, Mike amended the motion to place the full amount of the Parsonage Fund in a Money Market.  Martha seconded the amendment, and the motions were passed.


Darren Lawrenz reported that after a pause in the search for a parsonage, the Trustees are active again in this task.  There is not an extensive list of housing that meets conference criteria, but there may be a couple of properties that can be negotiated to meet our price range.  The Trustees will investigate.


He also reported that landscaping is on the agenda for the next meeting and the playground condition will be discussed.  A new secured enclosure for trash and storage of equipment will be taken as a project for United Methodist Men.


Carolyn Groves reported for SPPRC that job descriptions and budget recommendations are on the agenda.


Pastor Paul presented information about Rally Day next Sunday.  Promotion of the children to their Sunday School class, recognition and installation of Sunday School teachers and youth workers, and recognition and installation of the choir and worship band will be a part of this day.


The Nominating Committee will meet on August 29, and the process for next year will begin.


Donna Curran reminded us of the Meet & Greet which will be Thursday evening and of the potluck dinner planned for next Sunday.


Bill again welcomed Olivia to the Council and reported that he is still working to include a second youth member. 


Other discussion items clarified that the ABC/Window fund balance will be close to $6000 after the coming payment is made.  The monthly rent for the new copier is included in the fund.  It is on a 3-year lease plan with $1 buyout at the end of the lease.


Martha Harris closed the meeting with prayer.


Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Groves, Acting Secretary




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