Council Minutes-July

Baldwin First United Methodist Church

Church Council Minutes

July 25, 2011





Council Members:  Council Chair Bill Clement, Carolyn Groves, Adam Hazelwood, Kathleen Thomas

Staff:  Pastor Paul Babcock, Eva Durand

Advisory Members:  Katherine Cook, Martha Harris, Michelle Swain

Guests:  Judy Anderson, Loren Anderson, Nancy Arnold, Sue Ann Kleist, Tom Kleist, Stan Vickers


Bill opened the meeting at 7:10.  Adam offered a devotional from Go for the Green


Adam moved to approve the minutes of the June meeting; Carolyn seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.


Bill opened the floor to comments from the congregation.  Judy suggested that comments be moved to later in the meeting so members can address the items discussed.  Bill indicated that we would continue to offer the opportunity to speak at the beginning of the meeting and then hear comments on discussion of the committee at the end of the meeting with the opportunity to speak to items of concern prior to votes.


Nancy Arnold, as co-chair of the ABC Fund, shared that we have donations of $28, 282 and pledges of an additional $6,300.  The committee has considered calling individuals who have not pledged or given a donation in order to generate the funds to make up the deficit.  If this venture does not supply the necessary funds, the committee will consider fund-raisers .


Adam moved that we pay $10,000 toward the retirement of the (ABC Fund) note at Baldwin State Bank; Carolyn seconded the motion.  The motion carried.  Next month we will place this item on the agenda and examine the final figures.


Martha shared the most current finances of the church.  She offered a statement of financial position, an income and expense sheet of budget vs. actual expenditures, budgeted areas with released restricted contributions,   and a summary report indicating year to date income and operations.  The report indicates that we are making progress in our endeavor to finance all expenditures.


Bill and Anita Neuenswander volunteered to lead the stewardship drive again this year.  They will begin their efforts in the Fall.


Stan shared that the men’s group has taken on several projects including a small storage shed to replace the existing shed and a small lean-to as a trash area.  They are on target with their plans to provide a small shed and the labor to erect it.  Eva asked if they would also address the needs of the playground.  Stan suggested the youth group could man the project.  Bill authorized Adam to take the issue of the playground to the trustees to determine whether it should be improved or  removed.  Stan suggested that we keep the playground, maintain it, and make it more inviting,


Carolyn shared for Chris on behalf of the SPPRC.  They have had a get-acquainted meeting with Pastor Paul, and will have job descriptions available soon.


Eva shared the activities of the youth.  The mission trip was in June.  23 youth and 7 adults travelled to Hammond, Indiana.  Eva emphasized that being able to share labor and resources is a wonderful opportunity for the students, but the transformation of the youth is the key to this program.


Pastor Paul expressed thanks for the welcome he and his wife have received.  He is impressed with the undertakings of the church.   He remarked that there are lots of folks with hurts in the world, lots of folks with hurts in the church, and not all churches are willing to address the needs of those people. He is grateful for that work at Baldwin First.


Bill addressed the need of a temporary replacement for Colin Thomas as youth representative to the council.   The names of several members of the church under 18 were discussed with the intention of inviting one male and one female.  Adam moved that Pastor Paul and Eva approach Olivia Beins and Clay Thomas for the purpose of serving on a temporary basis as youth representatives of the church council for the remainder of the year.  Martha seconded the motion.  It passed unanimously.


Judy asked for further clarification on the ABC Fund financing.  Bill agreed that we need to ‘tighten’ the financial picture.  Judy suggested that all monies come into the general budget into operating expenses so that there is an overall look at each piece.  She further suggested that we begin by placing $200 a month minimum into a reserve fund.  The finance committee will be meeting to make its suggestions.  They will present a budget for consideration in September.


At 8:45, Bill closed the meeting with a prayer.


Respectfully submitted,


Katherine Cook





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