March Minutes

Baldwin First United Methodist Church

Church Council Meeting

March 28th, 2011



Attending: Donna Curran, Mike Curran, Eva Durand, Carolyn Groves, Martha Harris, Adam Hazelwood, Sue Ann Kleist, Tom Kleist, Chris Lawrenz, Darren Lawrenz, Michelle Swain, Becky Thomas, Colin Thomas, Kathleen Thomas, Shelly Todd, Connie Wilson


Carolyn Groves brought the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.


Chris Lawrenz gave the devotional and Carolyn followed by leading everyone in prayer.


Carolyn lead everyone in the reading of the February 28th council minutes. Donna Curran moved to accept the minutes as written. Martha Harris seconded it. Motion carried.




Finance: Martha spoke on the financial statements. She reported a net loss of $7, 179.

Mike Curran suggested a change in language in regard to speaking about restricted items.

Martha shared that she spoke with Eva and Shelly about their accounts and set them up to show where they are in their operating budgets.

Giving through March 27th are below our budgeted amount.

Martha is running Power Church concurrently with Quick Books to see which program is serving the church better.


Pastor Parish: The SPPRC committee is working hard on job descriptions and are close to being done. They have begun work on policy and procedures for the church.



Eva reported first on the To Save A Life Event. 150 people attended this event and lots of teens were reached. Colin Thomas agreed that it was amazing. Eva then reported on the upcoming Silver Dollar City trip (April 1- 3). She arranged for a 56 passenger bus for the trip and it was full!! J Lastly, Eva shared that she and David Cook attended a youth leader conference in Chicago in March. The conference was sponsored through Group Publishing. She said that she and David were blessed and energized from attending the conference.


Shelly shared that the Children’s Ministry Sunday School classes were hosting a Holy Week Tour during the Sunday School hour on Palm Sunday. She also reported that the Children’s Ministry staff is working on formulating and adopting a mission statement and branding for Children’s Ministries at Baldwin First. She shared that once a mission statement and brand is adopted, the Children’s Ministry staff will be examining our children’s programming to see if our current practices support our mission statement.


Connie reported that she has been focusing on staff development as a priority. She also shared that there is currently $2,000 in the budget for a scholarship. $1,000 of this is going to Nancy Brown. Lastly, Connie shared the exciting news that 5 new families have joined our church and the church had 6 baptisms. This took place on March 27th.


Trustees: Adam and Darren reported that a new copying machine would be arriving in about 3 to 4 weeks. Please refer to the Trustees committee minutes for more details.


Discussion item:


Connie addressed the welcoming statement. The following question was posed: “How do we respond to requests to interview the church regarding the welcoming statement? It was agreed that the welcoming statement is a statement of fact in which we are explaining who our “neighbor” is. Adam suggested that we share with the public exactly what our statement is. If someone inquires about a public statement from our church regarding our welcoming statement, what do we share? Darren suggested that whatever we say, we be consistent with our answers and treat it like a news release statement. Chris motioned that we develop specific wording for a news release. Kathleen seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously. As a tag: if anyone is questioned about anything regarding the welcoming statement, bring those questions to the church council.


Website:  Becky reported that it has been updated with the mission statement and welcoming statement.


UMW: Donna announced that the UMW will host a salad supper on April 15th at 6:30. Kay Braut will be the speaker and she will share information about the history of the King James version of the Bible.


Donna also shared that there will be an Easter potluck breakfast at 9:00 a.m. on Easter Sunday. The children’s egg hunt will be at 9:30.


Darren closed the meeting with prayer.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:03.


Next meeting is April 25th at 7 p.m. Kathleen will give the devotional.


Humbly and respectfully submitted by Shelly Todd (acting secretary in place of Kathy Cook)



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