Feb. Council Minutes

First United Methodist Church of Baldwin City

Church Council Minutes

February 28, 2011  




Council Members:  Council Chair, Bill Clement, David Cook, Donna Curran, Mike Curran, Martha Harris, Christina Lawrenz, Darren Lawrenz, Colin Thomas, Kathleen Thomas


Advisory Members:  Katherine Cook, Laura Dickinson, Bill Neuenswander, Debbie Oakleaf, Barbara Pressgrove, Michelle Swain


 Staff:  Pastor Connie Wilson, Eva Durand, Shelly Todd


Members and Guests:  Judy Anderson, Loren Anderson, Dan Neuenswander


Bill called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  Donna offered a devotional from The Upper Room and   I Corinthians 3 emphasizing God’s unending love.


Colin moved and Darren seconded the motion to approve the minutes of January’s meeting.  The motion passed.


Bill opened the floor to comments from church members.  No questions or concerns were shared.


Darren presented the Trustee’s report and shared progress on current projects.  To date, the new soundboard, PC, two notebooks, and upgraded software have been delivered.  Stain-glass windows have been removed and shipped off, engineering and architectural studies are ongoing, and the bell tower roof will be completed by March 3rd


Chris reported that the Pastor-Parish Relations team is working diligently.


On behalf of the Missions Team, Laura established the monthly schedule of activities for the remainder of 2011. 


Barb shared that the goals of the Membership Committee include supporting current members of the congregation and welcoming and encouraging visitors.  The committee recommends the formation of a hospitality team to support new members.  Pastor Connie added that the service on the last Sunday of March will include nine baptisms and welcoming five new couples into the congregation.


Bill reported for Caring Ministries that 15 people are serving on the team to engage others in the church and community.   Their goal is to provide a weekly contact with shut-ins who may be forgotten or isolated.


Shelly presented the Children’s Ministries goals of creating a mission statement and then applying Sunday School curriculum to the statement.  Safe and Sacred Training will be held on March 12 at 9:00 a.m.  Vacation Bible School is scheduled for July 10-14.


Martha presented the Treasurer’s report, including financial statements as of January 31st.  Key figures reported include:


                                    Total checking balance                                         $120,461

                                    January operating income                                    $  18,815

                                    January operating expenses                                $  27,513.


Incorporating all revenues, expense and other transactions, we incurred a net loss of $9,799 for the month.


Eva’s report on Youth Ministries included a variety of activities including a Superbowl party, Beach Party Cookout to raise funds for the mission trip, Winter Jam, and Untour, a youth evangelism conference.  The church will host a community film event, a viewing and discussion of To Save a Life, on March 27th.


Pastor Connie reported that Richard Wellman has been designated Historian Emeritus.  We need volunteers to help relocate the documents and someone to serve as Historian. 


The purchase of 300 New Testaments, door hangers, and invitations for Easter at $1.00 per copy was approved by the council.


Discussion turned to the new welcoming statement and its distinction from the mission statement.  Donna moved that the welcoming statement be placed below the mission statement on the web site, and incorporated into The Vine and the bulletin.  Kathleen seconded the motion.  The motion carried.


Bill addressed the long-range plan for 2011, recommending that we retain the original document to demonstrate origin and focus:  where we started, what we have accomplished, and where we’re headed.  Additionally, he proposed the adoption of a spiritual growth team.


Kathleen offered a closing prayer.  The meeting was concluded at 9:20.


Respectfully submitted,


Katherine Cook






































News Flash

Last Sunday of the Month


One worship service only

10:45 a.m. Blended Worship

Traditional Service at 8:30

We have added a traditional worship service at 8:30 on Sunday mornings. Our 10:45 service is still a contemporary/blended service. Come and join us for worship!

Food Pantry
A reminder that there is an increasing need for donations to the Food Pantry.  We are serving 100-plus persons each week.

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704 8th St.
PO Box 25
Baldwin City, KS 66006





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